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Work at 12, Disney at 3

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World is probably the most busiest park out of the four parks at Walt Disney World. It is the one that everyone has to visit and for this reason, pictures at this park can seem almost impossible. I like to get to the parks as early as possible to begin capturing the beautiful essence of the park. Magic Kingdom is also probably the only park that decorates for Fall, but even then, they only decorate the front of the parks.

The Unedited Cut:

The Edited Cut:

The Outfit:

As much as my Disney side gives me a rather child like personality, I am one that gets serious when it comes to my projects, businesses, and conversations. For that reason, I wanted to create a contrast between that child like attitude with a serious twist. I found this amazing business like dress at H&M. I paired it with the Mickey ears and the blue bow to add that childish touch.

The Scenery and Poses:

I wanted to make the dress pop. Having a wrong pose with this type of dress can quickly ruin the entire image. I made sure to fix of the dress. When i wanted to tie this look back to all things Fall, I knew I wanted to use the Mickey Mouse pumpkin heads on the light posts. I made sure to lean outwards that way the figure of the dress would be seen and the form on my hip would create both a playful and serious tone. I also went ahead and experimented with two different settings. The candy shop was a playful area. It was hard to cut out the glare and the people, but it created a image off a girl getting of the business world to go find a distraction. The big leaf setting was there to create a mysterious and out of the blue setting but it ended up being my least favorite image out of the shoot.

The Editing:

This shoot required the typical fixing of the small details without going too over board. I fixed the lights, the vibrance, and the colors to make sure that they balance each other out.


This project was made possible in collaboration with Jorge Martinez who was the photographer for this shoot. He always has the patience and the time to work with me as I get my pose, outfits, and makeup together.

The Media:

The media is found on @madeinwdw on Instagram, where the base for my Disney and lifestyle blog can be found. It is also found on reginadaniella.com which is home to my website that has direct access to all of the projects and collaborations that I am currently working on!

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