• Regina Daniella

Wearing Masks at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World's heat and the masks are put to a lot of question. Am I going to last all day? Will I get a panic attack? Well this is coming from someone who regularly has panic attack and migraines at Walt Disney World so these were the five things I noticed.

1) You will not get by taking your mask off, Cast Members will tell you to put it back on

A huge round of applause to Cast Members. Thank you. They are not playing around. You are to keep your mask on throughout the entire day unless eating food at designated areas or stopping at a relaxation station. Please don't make a cast member chase after you, thank you.

2) Wearing A KN95 is a little bit hot but wearing a the fabric masks (Such as the one that Disney sells are breathable)

A KN95 is the safest route to go, but it is rather hot. What I did was put on the KN95 with the mask I was wearing for the day when I was going into rides or closed area. Having a fabric mask is really comfortable and breathable. If you do sweat a lot, bring a double mask to change out of and be a little bit more comfy!

3)There are relaxation stations

Relaxation Stations are areas for people to take off their mask and rest a bit. They are open air areas and are all over the mask. I would recommend Stopping here throughout the day to avoid having any sort of meltdown

4)Hot + Mask Combo

It is really hot at the parks. Walking in the mask and heat is definitely uncomfortable when it is like 90 degrees out. What personally helped me was having a small fan and when walking in the scorching sun, have my fan. I think that was what saved me. But is it manageable? Yes, yes it is. Just do not overdo your sun exposure, this is like a lecture pre and post reopening.

5)Be prepared for the worst

If you know you or someone in your family might have some sort of breakdown, be prepared, it is worth losing space in your bag for that. I personally always ALWAYS carry advil and my calming essential oils. I did not have to use them on my last two trips which is the first times in history of me visiting the Disney parks that I do not have to use them, but still it costs nothing to go prepared.

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