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Walt Disney World Magicbands

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

The Walt Disney World resort offers a substitution for a normal ticket and instead now offers a new form for tickets known as a magic band. Click here to learn about how to purchase your tickets. But now, back to the topic, magic bands. Something that actually makes your Disney trip a lot easier.

When are they?

To start off, magic bands are included for resort guests and annual passholders, however if you do not fit into any of these categories, you may still be able to purchase a magicband. For all guests who have a magicband, the magic bands are small and easy to wear, and are waterproof for guests visiting the water parks or the amazing pools the Walt Disney World Resort offers, If you are traveling with kids or have small wrists, the magicbands are resizable to fit and adjust to any wrist type.

Their use and how to use them

The magic band is a technological bracelet that serves as a fastpass, dining, payment, and memory maker card. In order to fully operate and customize what you will do with your magicband, download the app mydisneyexperience and make an account which will link all reservation made to your magicband or go to the walt disney world website and make an account that will link with your magicband.

Resort Guests Information

For resort guests the magicband work as a room key and room charge. To purchase anything with a magicband, guests will need to put their bands on a machine that immediately charges the items to their resort room. With a magicband, you do not have a limit of how much you can purchase using the band, that is unless you say a specific number when checking into your resort.

For all Guests

For all guests that have a magicband, the magicband links to the mydisneyexperience app, and works to link fastpass reservation, hotel reservations, dining reservations, and photopass pictures.

Using the mydisneyexperience app, you are able to change any reservation of any sort, and that immediately links with your magicband. If you are having trouble linking your magicband and your mydisneyexperience account, a cast member may assist you and solve the problem quicker than what you would expect. However, if you are at home and cannot link your magicband, normally, there is a section on the app and on the website that will say link your magicband, from there you will only need to insert a couple of information and your problem should be solved, if this did not help, it is best to dial the walt disney world number and share your problem with them.

The Benefits

Owning a magicband provides one more touch of magic during your walt disney world vacation, and lets guests completely customize their vacation. Walt Disney World provides very few colors for magicbands for both resort hotels, and annual passholder guests, however, at the parks, there are a variety of magicbands and accessories to choose from that are available for purchase. It is also an amazing way for kids to not loose their pass and also for adults to not lose their pass. I personally love it than having to take out a card and having to slide it each and every time.

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