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Walt Disney World Dinning Guide

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

The Walt Disney World resort offers a lot of different unique dining options, that it may be difficult to choose between choosing a quick service restaurant, and choosing a table service restaurant. For each family their dinning plan and organization may be different, so it is important to note the difference between the two and what may be the best thing for your family!

Quick Service

Quick service that the Walt Disney World Resort offers, is the easiest to explain. Quick Service at Disney means you order food and find a place to sit and eat, no waitress is provided and is almost like a fast food place. Quick Service places can be found at at each park and resort. Keep in mind that some quick services are in heat, some fill up, and some portions are small. If you are traveling with a person that is sensitive to the weather, especially the heat, I highly recommend table service.

Table Service

Table Service restaurants are more known to be more expensive however this is not always the case. Most importantly, table service restaurants are known to provide a unique experience from character meet and greets to making sure that you are transformed into a unique experience. They are marketed for being more expensive but in all honesty, for many of them, the prices are almost the same and the portions are a lot better. Not to mention, you will not need to rush to get a seat and you will not be in the heat! At Table Service restaurants, you will need a reservation for most of these restaurants. It is recommended to make a reservation up to 180 days before your reservation. Personally, I have never waited that long to make a dining reservations and have had no problem when it comes to serving restaurants, but if you are traveling in a large group, then it might be slightly different and you would want to reserve 180 days ahead of time.

The Dinning Plan

The Dining plan is often advertised by Walt Disney World. What it is, it is basically a plan allowing you one quick service meal with an entree and a non alcoholic drink per day. Quick Service means that you would have to order and choose your seat it is not a table service place. It also has one table service meal allowing one entree, one alcoholic beverage, one full buffet, and one dessert per day. Throughout the day it allows two snacks, but keep in mind that the Dinning Plan is only allowed in certain restaurants. I personally do not recommend this option. I know that for some families it works well, but in my case, I wouldnt say we are too much of picky eaters, but we were finding that the foods that we wanted, were not included and we ended up having to pay more.

My Personal Favorites

When it comes to both options, I do prefer getting my food at a table service restaurant, but I do have quick service favorites! I know that I am very sensitive to the heat and always find eating at table service restaurants as a way to beat the people, heat, and birds. My personal favorite table service restaurant is Teppan Edo at Epcot. At teppan edo a chef comes up straight to your table and makes the food right in front of you along with a special show unique to every table! As toward quick services, I am a huge fan of Pizze Rizzo. This restaurant is inside and has air conditioning running at full blast. It has enough space and you do not have to worry about it getting so full. I love Woody's Lunch Box for breakfast especially if the weather is great. It is a good time to beat the heat, people, and birds but please note that it is outside.

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