• Regina Daniella

Dining Post Reopening at Walt Disney World

Since Walt Disney World has reopened, it is pretty obvious that the parks were never going to be the same. One factor that got greatly impacted was in the dining area. Here are the top five things you should know about dining at Walt Disney World Post Reopening

1) Not every restaurant is open

This is probably the first thing that you do notice at Walt Disney World: the amount of things closed. There is not many set dates on when things will open, however, Disney is opening by phases. The dining area I believe is most affected is Epcot. Most of the world showcase is operated by third party businesses. Because of this, not all are open and some are even struggling with bankruptcy. One of my favorite restaurants, Teppan Edo, just opened up with very limited seating and different time arrangements, but other restaurants such as Chef De France and Nine Dragons remain closed despite their popularity. Quick Services are mostly open at all parks but again at the world showcase, this is where it is mostly affected. I would recommend reserving at a restaurant. Quick Services are a little bit of a confusing and strict process now that I found when asking the cast member most were rude or were unable to help me and had to call their managers who apologized a good ten times.

2)Most things are run by the My Disney Experience App

If you think you can go to the parks now without a My Disney Experience App... WRONG. It is now essential. I would recommend setting it up from home as some cast members are rather rude when assisting in this area, check out this link to set up your account (I saw multiple guests confused on using the My Disney Experience App as I waited for my food to be ready and most CMs were a little bit fed up). With that said, if you are going to a quick service, you are expected to order food through here.

3) Eating at Quick Service restaurants has changed

Quick Services have honestly become a whole different beast. You have to order via the My Disney Experience App. If you are ordering at your hotel and want a easier process, I recommend ordering at your hotel room and MAKE SURE TO PRESS PREPARE MY ORDER, then go down and get it. If not then you will wait for some time while your food is ready. If you are at the parks and are going to order, order about half an hour before the time you want to eat (you choose an arrival window but most fill up soon) and then press prepare my food at the window time. Your app has to tell you that your food is ready in order for you to grab your food and sit down. They are really really strict about this part.

4) Mask Guidelines while eating

For masks, you are required to have your mask on until beverages arrive. Casts have both a mask shield and a mask. I would personally only take my mask off for when my food arrived or I needed to sip my drink. I did not feel really comfortable just always having it off.

5) QR codes are your new bestie

To check menus and sometimes to order food, you will have to scan a QR code. Disney has stopped interaction with people for Quick Service and for Table Service has limited the interaction with paper as much as possible. QR codes are pretty much everywhere.

6) BONUS - Limited Seating

If you are dining anywhere, there is going to be limited seating but at out door areas for the Food and Wine Festival as an example, seating is very limited. Most tables are blocked off to promote physical distancing.

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