• Regina Daniella

The Hair Products I Use for the Park

The Orlando Frizz at Walt Disney World is straight up true. It can be the actual worst thing sometimes. My hair actually for the longest time would look straight in the morning and soon enough it would turn into this....

Yep, I look back at this and I am still haunted. After trying so so many products, I have finally figured out what works for me and how I can also tame both fly-aways and the straightness of my hair.

My Hair Down Techniques

When I straighten my hair, I apply, LIVING PROOF No-Frizz® Instant De-Frizzer Mini, after finishing. This has been a lifesaver. It tames the hair easily and helps it stay in place. I then very lightly put on my hands the, TIGI Bed Head Mini Hard Head spray, in order to keep my hair in place. I do not add so much but I add just enough in order to make sure it wont get frizzy. I also take this with me this spray into the parks just in case I do happen to have a fly away or things look out of control. At the parks I also make sure to retouch with OUAI Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets in order to tame the frizz if the hair begins to get out of control.

Dealing with the Ears

For headbands I normally take them on and off during the rides. However, when I am taking pictures or adjusting them I use the same spray to tame fly-aways and also to create volume around the ears. For hats, they tend to be a lot more lose than ears and have the string attached. I take the string and bobbi pin it back to make sure that I can hide it.

What I do when the humidity takes is too much

When the Orlando weather is simply not cooperating with me, I make small braids and style them based around the outfit. Sometimes I do braids while of other times a simple ponytail fits. It really depends on the day. When it does rain or actually when it pours and I do not have a umbrella, if in the given case I do get soaked, I immediately braid it and tame it with the spray or the bobbi pins I have in hand.

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