• Regina Daniella

The Broadway Stop

Updated: Jul 5

Oh my, my first big project ever. One of my first steps into entering the "real word." Creating the Broadway Stop was no easy job. Today, I am revealing exactly how I did it.

Before starting, here are the basics of the project:

The links to all of the media outreach can be found here:

Sharyland Time

Progress Times

Channel Four

The Monitor

The Concept

The idea came to me one day that I was sitting in my spanish class while texting my brother in February. We were talking about one day opening a pop up museum. We were jotting down ideas and pretty much making a joke out of it. But in that exact same moment, I knew that I wanted to create a pop up store of my own. I jotted down my ideas and went running to my dad. I knew of a vacant building that we could use. I knew what I wanted to help. I knew who I wanted to reach out to. I knew who I wanted on my team. And I knew of the concept I wanted. Now how to get from point A to point C, well that is a story in itself.

The Failing Side of the Project