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Sunflower Festival

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Walt Disney World's Epcot has festivals going on year round. Every season it changes, but their most famous one is Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival. The park is full of flower fun which means that my outfit had to match the aesthetic of the entire festival!

Unedited Cut:

Edited Cut:

The Outfit:

When I bought this romper from Topshop a while back, I did not know for what to use it for. There really can be an endless amount of things to use it for. But then, before this Disney trip, I started researching what type of flower arrangements the festival was going to have. To my surprise, the company was using a lot of yellow. I quickly ordered a mustard yellow under shirt from Forever 21 to match the piece. I knew right away that the golden Mickey ears would be the perfect fit to complete the outfit as well.

The Poses:

Flowers make just about anyone happy. They are a pleasant gift and view. I did not even bother to use a serious face, I simply went with a nice and easy smile. I wanted my arms to look rather relaxed in the pictures as well. I did not really bother to put an emphasis on the poses as the scenery itself was doing the effect it needed to.

The Scenery:

Epcot is full of these displays, however, knowing my outfit, I needed to focus on the ones that had colors matching it. I also needed to keep an eye out for the busy crowds. For the pictures next to the butterfly exhibition, I made sure to tell my photographer to angle the camera toward me rather than toward the golf ball, to not only match the position I was standing at, but also crop out the people. For the cars exhibition, well, that was a hard one. There was a kid running and running around. Normally, I have no problem waiting for people to clear the scenery, however, the kid was not leaving so we had to make it work. For that reason we spent about an hour at the exhibition trying to get shots where the kid was not coming out. It took a while but it was much worth it.

The Editing:

At last, not every picture is perfect. Most need editing. I always give a vibrant and colorful twist to my pictures. For that matter, I decided to focus on adding a lot of light, vibrance, and color. I focused first on the light. I did not want there to be too much but I also did not want the background to look to dark. After getting the light right, I shifted to focusing on the colors. The colors were simpler to make pop by adding a little bit of vibrance and color.


This project was made possible in collaboration with Jorge Martinez who was the photographer for this shoot. He always has the patience and the time to work with me as I get my pose, outfits, and makeup together.

The Media:

The media is found on @madeinwdw on Instagram, where the base for my Disney and lifestyle blog can be found. It is also found on reginadaniella.com which is home to my website that has direct access to all of the projects and collaborations that I am currently working on!

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