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Star Wars Galaxy's Edge: The Experience

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

The newly opened Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World is drawing in hundred and thousands of crowds daily. But what seems to be driving the thrill? Amongst the food, merchandise, and theming, are the rides. Home to the newest rides at Walt Disney World: Smugglers Run and Rise of the Resistance, there is so much to experience on this land.

Currently, Walt Disney World is not offering fastpass experiences for either of the rides. This is subject to change but until then, fans are able to experience the rides on a first come first serve basis. For Rise of the Resistance, as soon as guests enter the park, they are expected to join a virtual queu and return to the ride once there boarding group is called. For Smugglers Run it is a race against people, literally, for that one you do need to make the line.

Smugglers Run Experience:

Rise of the Resistance:

I will not be releasing any spoilers of this ride... it is that good! I will just be saying the basics to accessing the ride and what you can expect. To access the ride you will need to join a virtual boarding group. These open when park opens and will fill up within five minutes. Normally they let you scan your park band about ten minutes prior to opening. I recommend being there about forty minutes prior to opening to start forming in line. That same line will also be the line to access Smugglers Run. As soon as park opens, launch the app and join a boarding group. I have gotten a mix of everything. The first time I went I got group 85. We rode at about 3 pm. The second time we got group 45, we rode at about 11 am. The third time we got group 115 ( park opened at 7 and we got in at 7:08) and rode at about 7 pm. Once your boarding group is called, you have about two hours to go. You will get a notification. You can leave the park and come back . You can do other things at the parks besides Smugglers Run. Once on the ride, they have the newest and latest tech! From trackless queues to the best animatronics! The line moves fairly fast and the only time we actually made a line was when we got the night time group. You are allowed to take pictures! I recommend in the stormtrooper room to quickly go the front and snap a picture as it can be overwhelming and chaotic. Other than that, I suggest for you to enjoy the ride! It lasts about 10 minutes of a interactive queue and five minutes of ride!

Droid Depot + Savis Workshop

The rides are the current sensation, but that is not all to the land! Guests are able to build there very own lightsabers and their own droids! We got to do that experience and were able to film it all! Couple of things to keep in mind! For both of these experience you will need a reservation.

Notes on Light Saber Experience

- Choose between Peace and Justice, Power and Control, Elemental Nature, and Protection and Defense

-You can buy more colors "Kyper Crystals" at Dok- Ondar's Den Antiquities

-$199.99 + taxes - you can ask for shipping for a extra fee, however, they are TSA approved

-Payment is due upon arrival

- One lightsaber per builder per experience, you are able to bring one extra person to watch

-Carrying case is included, you can buy a lightsaber clip for a extra fee

- Lightsabers are non refundable

Notes on Droid Depot

-Choose between a BB - Series and R - Series

-$99.99 + tax

- carry box and instructions are included

-Experience is limited to one builder and a guest

- Custom droids are non refundable

The Food

Like the experiences, the land has so much to bring to the table. Guests are welcome to choose from a variety of food options such as Ogas Cantina, Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo, Milk Stand, Ronto Roasters, and Kat Sakas Kettle. I got to experience Ogas Cantina, Docking Bay 7, Milk Stand, and Sakas Kettle! Learn more below!

Ogas Cantina

Oga's Cantina is amazing. You are required to have a reservation, however, if seating allows, you can ask for a table, glance, or availability. You are allowed a max of two drinks per person. From there you hear all the classic music from the movies and get to talk with the people next to you. Please keep in mind that there food selections are rather low, it is simply to grab a drink and go. If you do have a special diet, they will not be able to modify it to a huge extent as most of there offerings are sugary drinks.

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

This is a quick service restaurant meaning that you do not need a reservation. Mobile Order is allowed for this restaurant. They offer lunch and dinner. The offerings are rather extravagantly displayed and they offer plates from chicken, pork, and salmon!

Milk Stand, Ronto Roaster, Kat Sakas Kettle

These stands are open pretty much all day. At the Milk Stand you are able to find the class blue and green drinks. In my personal opinion, I enjoyed the green drink a lot more, but everyone has been gushing about the blue drink! Kat Sakas Kettle is where you can find the sweet and salty popcorn! I love it! Currently and for a limited time, they are offering Baby Yoda inspired popcorn but that one is only butter and salt flavored! Ronto Roasters is the perfect place for breakfast! You can grab a hot dog looking meal that tastes amazing!

Like every great thing, Disney has to end the amazing land with amazing shops. The shops are an amazing location to find unique Galaxy's Edge souvenirs. There is a marketplace with about four small stores inside. This is where you can shop for the latest Battu fashion trends, toys, and even adopt a creature from your favorite film. Aside from these locations are three other stores including the droid depot, the den of antiquities (Which is where you can purchase your crystals and other lightsaber accessories, you can also ship home your lightsabers here),  and a Resistance gift shop as well. 

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