• Regina Daniella

Organizing Business Academy

Updated: May 17

In the summer of my sophomore year I went to the Harvard Student Agencies Business Summer program. Here I was able to learn the basics of opening up a business. At the end of the program, everyone presented a shark tank style presentation. My team and I came up with a sleeping device called Bright Night. I will admit it was probably a horrible business plan, however, what I learned that week was such a unforgettable experience that I wanted to share it.

Planning to share the course

I learned so much about the business world during that short week, that coming back to my hometown, I wanted to share with my community the same opportunity. I submitted my school to be considered as a host school for a compact program that would allow my fellow classmates the opportunity to learn from current Harvard students. I was thrilled to learn we were accepted, and with the help of my school counselor, we began planning and advertising the program. As a result, we were able to host the second largest event that Harvard Student Agencies had ever been a part of.


Before the event took place, it was my job to keep constant communic