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Organizing Business Academy

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In the summer of my sophomore year I went to the Harvard Student Agencies Business Summer program. Here I was able to learn the basics of opening up a business. At the end of the program, everyone presented a shark tank style presentation. My team and I came up with a sleeping device called Bright Night. I will admit it was probably a horrible business plan, however, what I learned that week was such a unforgettable experience that I wanted to share it.

Planning to share the course

I learned so much about the business world during that short week, that coming back to my hometown, I wanted to share with my community the same opportunity. I submitted my school to be considered as a host school for a compact program that would allow my fellow classmates the opportunity to learn from current Harvard students. I was thrilled to learn we were accepted, and with the help of my school counselor, we began planning and advertising the program. As a result, we were able to host the second largest event that Harvard Student Agencies had ever been a part of.


Before the event took place, it was my job to keep constant communication with the agency at Harvard and work with them on dates, location, and time. Every single week I was getting updates from my school and the agency. To actually make the event possible was a long process. I had to plan around any school held activities and reserve what I thought would be the best room given the size of my school and calculating how many students would attend. I also planned to have transportation for the students coming to teach the course. For that reason, I was making sure that everything could work out. The time was another thing. I needed to plan around the time the Harvard students were giving me and the time that would work with my school and hometown. After that process was done, it went a lot smoother to manage.


It was also my job to market the entire event. I had a goal of 25 students, however, because of the expense marketing, we were able to get over 70 students. The marketing aspect was so stressful but fun. I created posters to hang around the school and I was also sending out remind texts daily to students and parents. Alongside this I made sure to post it on the announcements and send out emails. The first couple of weeks I was not getting any students to sign up. In literally a blink of an eye I had the seventy students. I also talked with local businesses here to help me sponser eight students. These students had to enter a contests to get in. They had to answer an essay prompt anonymously. I let my counselor choose the winner just so thee would not be any bias or unjust picking.


The entire event was organized by myself but given by Harvard Students. It was my job to bring snacks, talk with my school, and with the agency. Leading up to the event, I made snack bags for all the students. I kept allergies and mind and kept with safe snacks to make sure we would not have a problem. I also made sure the AC was working and we would not have any mess ups on the day of the event. When the students got here I made sure they felt at home. I helped them set up and greet people. It was honestly an amazing experience with a grand turn out.

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