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Out in the Woods

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Recently, a friend and I were going through a rough patch. I normally like to tell a story from the clothing that I am wearing and the environment around me. My instagram blog truly is a story in itself with every single picture that I upload. To clear the air with that friend, I used the area I live in to my advantage. It is surrounded by beautiful woods. Everyone knows the famous Taylor Swift Song, "Out of the Woods," I knew that was the perfect caption, but I also knew that the outfit needed to portray the right message.

The Edited Cut:

The Outfit:

I rarely ever wear things that are tight to my body, but considering that this shoot had a general bold and daring purpose in general, I knew that the look for this outfit had match that theme. I found this close to body brown shirt at Topshop along side the green skirt. I normally tend to add some type of hidden Mickey, but considering the seriousness of the picture itself, I wanted to keep things down low and cool. The small purse from Louboutin adds a sense of playfullness yet elegance to the outfit. I also know that pearl hair clips are trending and it seemed to be the perfect mix to the outfit.

The Scenery and Poses:

As explained earlier, the scene was all in the woods. The poses on the other hand were a little bit more dramatic on some angles. I got close to the camera as almost moving forward and in some I simply held the purse closer to me.

The Editing:

This shoot required the typical fixing of the small details without going too over board. I fixed the lights, the vibrance, and the colors to make sure that they balance each other out.


This project was made possible in collaboration with Jorge Martinez who was the photographer for this shoot. He always has the patience and the time to work with me as I get my pose, outfits, and makeup together.

The Media:

The media is found on @madeinwdw on Instagram, where the base for my Disney and lifestyle blog can be found. It is also found on reginadaniella.com which is home to my website that has direct access to all of the projects and collaborations that I am currently working on!

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