• Regina Daniella

My Tips on Setting Up A My Disney Experience App

Now more than ever My Disney Experience has become the number one priority to have during a Disney Trip. On the app you are able to reserve dining reservations, Star Wars Rise of the Resistance return time, and check wait times at the parks amongst other things. Here are my top five tips.

1) Set up you account before your trip to Walt Disney World.

If you have not already, this is probably step one: setting up a disney account. This needs to happen in order to purchase tickets and reserve a hotel. I would suggest to use the email of a person in your party who checks it most since important information may be delivered. Set this up and link it to your app as soon as possible to avoid confusion.

2)Add everyones name that you are traveling with ahead of time.

Whether your party is large or not if you are all buying your tickets under the same account, it is important to get everyone linked onto one account ahead of time. This makes it easier to manage plans and avoids unnecessary wait times cutting into your vacation. This is also important for reserving dining reservations and joining the boarding pass for Rise of the Resistance

3) Share Plans on the My Disney Experience Page so you are all on the same page

If you are traveling with people with different My Disney Experience apps (you may have bought your tickets seperatly) I would suggest for you to share your accounts. This makes it easier to manage and modify plans!

4)Link your hotel reservation, dining reservation, memory maker, magic bands, and ticket reservation ahead of time.

Whether you call instead of reserving any of the above online or bought it under a different account, it will all have a confirmation code. Again, it is important to have all of the above listed to avoid confusion and unnecessary wait times. You may find that you struggle to insert a dining, hotel, or ticket reservation and it may be because it takes 24-72 hours to process after booking especially if it is through third person sellers. If you do have and trip sooner than that gap or continue to struggle, I would suggest calling. It is also important to note that if you do purchase through a third party seller, there confirmation code may be different than the Disney code, you may want to email or call them ahead of time to get your Disney confirmation in order to insert it to you account. Linking your hotel reservation allows you to unlock your room with your phone, access to your hotels amenities, and access to online check in. Linking your tickets allow you to have a "backup" copy on your phone in case something goes wrong. Memory Maker is essentially a photopass system that links your photos taken at the parks to an account via scanning or magic band tech. Linking it ahead of time saves time! Having a dining reservation previously linked to your account allows you to have it as a "backup," start online check in, modify your reservation, and view the menus ahead of time!

5)Add a gift card, debit card, credit card, or form of payment ahead of time.

This is probably the most time consuming step (At least to me) but this is also the most important step. Since you have to have a card in order to reserve literally anything and now to also place your online mobile orders, this is super important to do before your trip. You can have one form of payment method or multiple forms in there for you not to struggle and to avoid taking time away from your trip. Note that for a lot of quick service restaurants, ordering in person and paying in person is no longer an option so you will be stuck with mobile ordering.

This is a video I made on setting up your My Disney Experience App Account a while back. Not a lot has changed, but keep in mine some things have been updated since filmed.