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Prom Disney Bounding

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Prom can be anyone girl's dream. For me it certainly was something that I grew up dreaming about. My first prom was such an enchanting experience. The theme fit perfectly with the theme of my dreams: An Enchanted Garden. With a whimsical, fairytale like theme, it is pretty easy to turn to a dress into a magical Disney bound. Prepping for prom starts pretty early. In my case, I thought about prom every single day since March. I looked up dresses pretty weekly, but I did not and could not find the perfect fit. Three weeks before prom I found the perfect dress. It was a yellow strapless dress, however, the shop told me I had to return the following day to buy it because it had just arrived. I returned the next day and it was sold. I thought I could find something online. Boy, was I wrong. I looked literally on every website and I could not find the perfect dress. By this time even my friends were worrying about me because they know I normally have things months in advanced and prom was about a week and a half away. The Sunday before prom I went downtown on the hunt for the perfect dress. There was one MAJOR problem, they all looked the absolute exact same. I then headed to the mall. I found one dress that at this point I had both my brother and dad exhausted, that they urged me to buy it. That day I really was not happy with the dress. It did not match at all the dress I had in mind. My mom told me she would go out with me the next day to the store we started at and see maybe what I could fine. To my surprise, the next day, I found the one. I found a sparkly, Cinderella like dress. It was perfect. I did encounter one problem: because of the amount of glitter and lighting of the shop, I did almost faint while getting it fitted - but luckily that was just a minor obstacle.

Flash forward about three days

Prom day was a whole different story. I had the dress but now the make up was something else. I decided to go with a sparkly eyeshadow, however, on my water line I chose a blue to match the color of my dress. Here is the make up look:

As you guys can probably tell by now, my magically sparkly dress matches all the Cinderella Vibes out there. My hair is unfortunately not so long to pair is like Cinderella, so I decided to do a inspired look at the top since hers is slightly more fluffy. Cinderella has a pearl like earrings / headband, which is why for the earrings I chose these small pearl looking earrings to match the whole theme of the outfit.

Prom night was amazing. Everyone grasped the Disney bound rather quickly. The night was everything and more! I cannot wait to see what Disney Bound I can pair up next year!

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