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My Favorite Rides at Magic Kingdom

I know that planning your trip to Walt Disney World can be a pretty complicated task. You can see on a lot of different websites a super set out plan of what you should do and how to get there and what times and so forth. I have been planning trips for people for about four years and I have learned that absolutely every case is different. Some are traveling with kids and dont want to do rider swap while others are not looking for baby rides at all. For that reason I decided to rather talk about my favorite rides rather than making a plan. Before going into my favorites rides, I want to go into some keep concepts


For every single ticket that you buy, you get three fastpasses per day for one park. These give you a time period and you need to go to the ride at the very specific given time frame. This allows you to enjoy the parks and go almost worry free. Now if you are staying at one of the Disney Hotels then you can reserve up to 60 days in advanced and if you are not then you can reserve 30 days in advanced. I know that staying at a Disney Hotels allows people to get the tier one attractions such as Pandora's flight of Passage and Seven Dwarfs mine train. You can learn more about fast passes here and more about hotels here and tickets here.

Rider Swap

If a child does not meet the height requirement or a Guest does not wish to board a particular attraction, then one adult can wait with the non-rider or a group of riders while the rest of the party gets on the attraction. When the other adult returns, they can supervise the non-riding Guests, and the waiting adult can board the attraction without having to wait in line. To get this service approach the cast member at the given attraction and explain the case.


Tours give you the flexibility to jump from park to park or attraction to attraction based on the tour that you choose. You can learn a lot about the tours and the different categories by clicking here. I personally have taken the VIP Tour and it has been probably one of the best experiences ever, we got to ride about seventeen rides and it was only in seven hours!

Thrill Rides

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

I think that pretty much anyone that has planned a trip to the resort has heard about this attraction. It is an amazing ride, however, the lines are absolutely hectic. I recommend either scoring a fast pass or getting to the park very early to run to get on the ride. The height requirement is 38 inches or 97 centimeters and it does consist of small drops, but is nothing scary or out of the blue.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

This is my favorite ride ever. It has a special memory to me since it was the first ride that I could get on as a kid! It is the wildest ride in the wilderness. You are basically on a wild mine train. I recommend to get a fast pass! They normally do have a lot in distribution for this ride! The height requirement here is 40 inches or 102 centimeters or taller. It does have small drops, but is considered one of Disney's most classic rides.

Space Mountain

This ride is not necessary scary, it is actually slower than Big Thunder Mountain, but what makes it very strong is the sharp turns and turned off lights. I know that my parents have back problems and cannot ride this ride due to the dark turns. If you can score a fast pass for this that would be ideal and if not I would say to run here right after Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. The height requirement here is 44 inches or 113 centimeters. It is completely dark and you will literally not see anything!

Chill Rides

Peter Pans Flight

This on top of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is one of the most fighted fast pass. I would choose two thrill rides and this one. It is a very short ride but it is absolutely beautiful. It takes you along the story of Peter Pan. The wait times for this ride can get up to about three hours long. Any height and age may ride this ride, however, it does have the allusion that you are spread up above the ground, if a small kid has a fear of heights, this is something to keep in mind.

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin

For a very long time, this ride was my family favorite ride. You compete against the person next to you to get the most points in a vehicle that you manage. It is honestly a very nice experience. If you are not a fan of thrill rides, I would say to get a fast pass for this ride. Any height and age can ride this ride, in fact it is the most perfect ride to take a break from the heat!

Pirates of the Caribbean

This ride is a classic for all the Disney parks loving fans. You step into the world of Captain Jack Sparrow. It is one Disney's first rides and does have a semi long wait time. I would say to get a fast pass if you do not like thrill rides. If you do like thrill rides, opt for the options on top and try scoring a fast pass for this after your other fast passes are up. To learn more about that click here. Any height and age can ride this ride, it is not scary however it is dark.

Haunted Mansion

This is another Disney classic ride. It uses technology that leaves you highly impressed. I know some people love it and some hate it. The wait time here is very flowed. It normally will not reach anything that is higher than an hour. I would wait in line since the queu is very interactive. Any height and age can ride this ride, however, please keep in mind that it is a dark and slow ride where at parts may be slightly scary for children.

The Other Rides

My Personal Take

I am not a huge fan of the very famous Splash Mountain because I hate getting soaking wet for the rest of the day. I know that this is another crowd favorite, but it has never been my personal favorite. I personally am not drawn to the other rides neither do I see them with a extreme amount of wait times. My favorite thing to do in this park is enjoy the atmosphere, I love it.

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