• Regina Daniella

Managing my own business team

Updated: Jul 5

Link to organization: https://liydp.org/ilbst2s1reginamartinez/

Throughout my highschool career, alongside being in the IB program, I always tried to involve myself into different clubs and programs that would help me gain more of an idea of what I wanted to study. One of my favorite clubs ended up being the International Business Internship program which any person can easily bring into their school. I filled out an application process from the team that was already at my school. Since the entire team would be leaving off to college, I got offered the position of team lead (president) and Special Projects Chair (vice president). I took on the role of both and worked alongside two other team members.

Learning the basics of the program was a bit confusing since it was all being self taught but having a amazing mentor from the company helped tremendously. The program itself is brought from Leadership initiatives. Each team around the world works with a business in Nigeria. They learn about the company, what the company is struggling with and create a basic business plan to help the company get back on its feet. Alongside to this each team also helps fundraise for another company to help them also get back on there feet.

My team and I worked with a Auto Electrical Repair Shop on our first year. We were able to also get the same company to fundraise and help for them. Since the primary problem of our business partner was his rate and how many cars he could get at a time our team researched what strategies were best to help him. We found that he needed a special piece in order to diagnose cars at a fast rate. We ended up pitching our idea and were able to raise enough money for the piece.

While we did this during the school year, I decided to add two members to the team to help with my vice president role and also help out the team. It ended up being a success. During the summer with the same program, we were able to fly out to Washington to participate in a summit dealing with the same situation. There we were able to help a tailoring shop. It was such a unique experience.