• Regina Daniella

Living with a Cane Corso

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

To start off, I have two Cane Corsos. One black and one brown, both of whom I love very dearly much. But, what exactly is a Cane Corso? A Cane Corso is a italian breed of dog that is highly valued in Italy as a companion and guardian dog. Now lets start off with the common facts of Cane Corsos.

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- It is said that they are not recommended for inexperienced owners because of its strong personality and bossy nature. Personally, I have never seen this as an obstacle. I do not consider myself as a "experienced" owner. We have never sent them off to be trained. They are incredibly smart and simply know that they are not in charge but rather us.

- Another thing that is always said is that Cane Corsos should live in an area with a large enough fence and backyard. To this one, I do agree. Both of my dogs are extremely active, without us training them, we have found that they do laps pretty much every day in a small area. They are extremely active, and have jumped our fence before...... but they have only done it when we are on the other side and they are anxious to see us.

- The other known fact is that they are very loyal, docile, and affectionate to the members of the family. To this I definitely agree. Our Cane Corsos have never run away, we even had one event where a part of our fence fell down, and both dogs did not leave. They are extremely affectionate to the family and are rather calm.

- Cane Corsos do cause a threat to other small animals. I had read before this small fact but I did not believe it, until it happened to us..... three times. One of our dogs, a beagle, has been severely injured a lot of times and it is still a major surprise to us how he is alive. Our Cane Corso has bitten him when playing or sometimes gets too mad at him. This has been probably our only hiccup with the Cane Corsos

Overall Cane Corsos are an amazing dog to have around. They are the perfect protector dogs as well. They do have a loud bark but it does warn us of any predators out there such as skunks, armadillos, and more. They are amazing to play with and our the most loyal companions I know.

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