• Regina Daniella

Japan Travel Videos

Oh oh Japan, my favorite place in the entire world! So organized, clean, and with amazing food. Here are my videos from the trip!

Tokyo was incredible. The people are so organized and the city is very clean. I loved the aesthetic of it, literally everything is picture perfect!

Kyoto was spectacular! We took the bullet train from Tokyo. We grabbed bento boxes before heading out and it was a smart choice! Kyoto has the best sight seeing areas and if you go between the last two weeks of November, the leaves are the most amazing color!

Tokyo Disneyland has to be the park out of all the Disney parks with the cutest merch and food! I will say that the food is very americanized and does take away from being in actual Japan. The park itself is the same general layout as Magic Kingdom, BUT, it has Toontown, they truly won be over with that one!

Tokyo Disney Sea was probably my favorite park and does make it to the top parks in my list in all of the Disney parks. It has everything that you can think of that is related to Duffy. Also it has a giant volcano at the center of it that is truly amazing!

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