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Ewok Disney Bound

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

The Walt Disney Parks rules and regulations are rather stricter for adult costumes than they are for children. In fact, people over the age of 14 years old are not allowed to enter the Walt Disney World parks with a costume. For this matter, Disney fans have invented "disney boudning." Disney bounding is using every day clothes inspired from ones favorite Disney characters. For this look I got directly inspired by the famous, cute Ewoks from Star Wars. This was the outfit I used to go to my Star Wars: Galaxy Edge Preview.

The Unedited Cut:

The Edited Cut:

The Outfit:

I am a huge fan of Ewoks. I literally identify myself with them. The full outfit except the Mickey ears is from Forever 21. Ewoks normally have a orange and brown color scheme on. I did different tones of brown to match their fur. I knew that I would not be able to wear fur in the Orlando heat and for that reason went in with the tones. Normally, Ewoks wear a orange like shawl. Yep, this Orlando heat is not going to cut it. I for that reason decided to buy a bandana instead. The Mickey ears were found on etsy and I instantly fell in love with them!

The Scenery and Poses:

Since this preview was the first preview available for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, I had really no clue what to even expect. For that reason, I knew that I needed to be prepared to take pictures to wherever I saw that my outfit was matching with the scenery, luckily, there seemed to be so many locations that opened up an opportunity to take pictures. The poses were all simple and really just admiring the background. I even found a plush Ewok and decided to use that to my sole advantage, I loved playing around with him and seeing the best places for possible shots and future ones as well.

The Editing:

I will definitely give this one to the company. The lighting was so perfect. The actual scenery itself was amazing. I barley touched the images. In all reality, I added very little color and vibrance and let the photo tell the story itself.


This project was made possible in collaboration with Jorge Martinez who was the photographer for this shoot. He always has the patience and the time to work with me as I get my pose, outfits, and makeup together.

The Media:

The media is found on @madeinwdw on Instagram, where the base for my Disney and lifestyle blog can be found. It is also found on reginadaniella.com which is home to my website that has direct access to all of the projects and collaborations that I am currently working on!

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