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Changes @ the parks of Walt Disney World

After closing its doors in late March, Walt Disney World has reopened to the public, but with a lot of new safety measures. Disney has been able to adjust to the new measures in a rather easy and grand way. I personally was able to feel very safe as I enjoyed the parks.

Everyone has to get their temperature checked. Right before you get into any of the parks or even Disney Springs, you will have you temperature checked. Based on guidance from health authorities, anyone with a temperature of 100.4 F or above will be directed to an additional location for rescreening. Furthermore, neither they nor their party will be allowed to enter the parks.

Magic bands are scanned without a fingerprint. Soon the hotels will also no longer be offering magic bands for guests. Guests however, will be able to purchase access to a band via the shops.

Rides have barriers and guests are seated really apart and the rides are constantly being disinfected. From the line queues to the actual rides, depending on the environment of the ride, each has now been upgraded to take guests along the ride in a safe way. Depending on the ride, each one guests sprayed, wiped down, etc to make sure that every guest can stay as safe as possible.

There are hand sanitizer and washer stations all over the parks. This one is one that I literally cannot exaggerate more. When you leave, enter, or are even waiting on a ride there are hand sanitizers all over. Moreover, there are people that are constantly checking on them, so it is rather hard to find one that is empty. This is great as people are always using them and that adds to the safety of all the guests.

For minimal contact amongst guests, there are signs all over the park with new guidelines to follow. This includes having places for people to enter and leave. At first this is rather confusing because people are not used to it and you may want to leave one way but have to leave another. Once you do get used to this new method it becomes really effective. In addition to this, cast members are making sure that people are following all of the new signs and measures.

Relaxation stations allow you to take off your mask and rest. I personally never saw these full, however, I did see them more in use when people needed to cool off. People that were sitting at the relaxation stations were always following the rules and were also rather cautious, something that I did notice people had all throughout the parks.

A lot of shows, attractions, and restaurants are closed and character meet and greets are unavailable so characters come out at random times. Because of this the parks have different floats based on the parks with everyones favorites.

Hotels are deeply cleaned and only provide a limited housekeeping service depending on what you choose upon check in. You may check in via the app and are able to place preferences on what you would like for your stay. Please keep in mind that housekeeping only provided limiting housekeeping.

Mobile order is encouraged and may be your only option for a lot of things. This is rather easy through the mydisneyexperience. You are able to see pictures and the full menu and easily add any type of request or allergy. Then during your arrival window, you are able to quickly pick up your food and enjoy.

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