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Animal Kingdom Safari

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

The Animal Kingdom park at Walt Disney World used to be my least liked parked. I personally have a huge huge fear of birds. When I started blogging my adventures to Walt Disney World, the park that was the easiest for me to dress for was the Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom uses animal, neutral, and dark prints in order to create the essence of being a zoo like atmosphere. One of my favorite colors to use when styling are neutral tones, for this reason, this outfit was very fun to create

The Unedited Cut:

The Edited Cut:

The Outfit:

Prior to my trip, I had known that the outfit I wanted for this park needed to match the essence at a whole of the park. I wanted that neutral tone style yet I wanted the outfit to look as classy as possible. I found this Mickey balloon shirt at Zara and went from there. I love that the balloon is not only on the front side but it is also on the back side. For that reason, it is so simple and easy to use. The color of the Mickey was also the perfect base for the outfit. I decided to pair the shirt with neutral safari like shorts from Target. The shorts were perfect because they were able to produce a rather elegant cut. For the shoes, I found cheetah printed shoes that were a perfect contrast to the simple elements of the outfits. Not only did they add a rather elegant touch, but the height that is added to the outfit in general emphasizes the outfit and structure of the picture.

The Scenery:

There are so many hidden spots at Animal Kingdom that I knew for this shoot the area I wanted was full of picture perfect spots. I centered the shoot at the Harambe Market and from there started exploring the best spots in that area. I made sure that the colors we were focusing on either matched with what I was wearing or was very similar.

The Poses:

One of my favorite poses has to the one grabbing my ears. It just is a pose that almost defines me, I love it. But I am also a huge fan of using props. As soon as I saw the bike, I knew I needed to include it in the shoot. I wanted to create a almost "escape route" feel. For that reason, we did a couple of almost running up to the bike. To create that affect, I always run in slow motion to get the perfect picture. Then once on the bike, I wanted to still create that rush and play around with it.

The Editing:

The editing for these pictures was slightly more complicated. Since I used a lot of neutral colors, I needed to make sure that the contrast and vibrance was in the right places. I like having the most natural and minimalistic edits on my photos to keep things authentic, but those small details are what make the pictures go a long way.


This project was made possible in collaboration with Jorge Martinez who was the photographer for this shoot. He always has the patience and the time to work with me as I get my pose, outfits, and makeup together.

The Media:

The media is found on @madeinwdw on Instagram, where the base for my Disney and lifestyle blog can be found. It is also found on reginadaniella.com which is home to my website that has direct access to all of the projects and collaborations that I am currently working on!

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