my park bag 

Ok yall, lets get real. I do pretty much everything and anything to avoid taking a bag to Walt Disney World, but as the weather keeps getting worse and I older, I realize I do need a ocuple of things for the parks 

The Products

First of all, I cannot live without my blotting sheets. My face gets very very shiny at the parks and I do not like for oil to build up, I use, FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNAInvisimatte Blotting Paper

Moreover, to tame my hair, I pack one or to of the OUAIAnti-Frizz Hair Sheets they work like a charm to keep my hair from fizzing or control the frizz

When re-touching my makeup, I hate going to overboard, in fact, I no longer use powder while at the parks to retouch because the mixture of sun and powder on my face is not something that goes well. When it comes to retouching my lipstick, since I already use stila's lipstick, which you can view in my make up guide, I tend to go for a light chapstick to keep my lips hydrated and with color, Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm

Knowing myself, I like keeping things simple and carrying the bare minimum. That is why I invest so much in the best makeup products in the morning to just have simple and easy retouches on my hair and makeup. 

My Hair Guide

My Makeup Guide 

staying safe from the heat

Folks, for as long as I can remember, the sun and I are not friends. Pretty much on every Disney trip I end up getting migraines and affected by the sun. I have mastered down this routine to avoid the frequency of how much I get them and stay cool. 

First and foremost, I have made an investment in this fan from Amazon, and I do not regret it. I also always have to have a lightweight umbrella. Being the person I am, yes you will see me and my carry on bag covered with my umbrella whether it is rain or shine, we dont risk it! If in the frequent case that I get migraine, I always have advil with me and a cream that calms me down,  31 Herbal Cream (Oleo 31 en Crema)

Other necessities 

I always take a small wallet to store my credit cards, pass, and wallet. I also always have to have a portable charger because you bet we are uploading those insta stories. 

For other necesities, it really depends on the time I am going. I always take quarters for those emergencies. Rarely enough, unless Elsa really wants to let it go, do I take a jacket or cold weather items. Sunglasses are also not really my thing because I know for sure that I will lose them.