How I choose comfy yet trendy outfits

Ok yall, why lie? The Orlando weather can be dreadful! Looking trendy can be even worse when it feels like you are about to melt. Here are my tips and tricks. 

Dresses / Skirts: ok, my favorite thing ever. I personally feel so comfortable in this because it is something so classy yet comfortable. To avoid feeling uncomfortable in my thigh area, I used these capris, THE GYM PEOPLE High Waist Yoga Shorts for Women Tummy Control Fitness Athletic Workout Running Shorts with Deep Pockets, that even have pockets! It is the best thing ever!  When shopping for this I would say to look for pockets, it is always nice to have your money, cards, headphones, phone, lipstick, etc in your pockets to avoid carrying such a big bag. I would also say to look for light colors to protect from the sun

Shorts / Pants ok, not my favorite thing in the world, I have very very few shorts. Personally, I do not like the shortness of shorts, I rather be in something long with tight capri under, however, for all you shorts lovers, be sure that the shorts you are taking will not cause you to feel uncomfortable because it is the worst to be walking and having to adjust every five minutes. Pants on the other hand are great during fall/winter. It begins getting cooler and you can use them, however, be warned that if you are wearing denim and the sun is coming out, you will feel it. For pants and even shorts, I try stearing away from denim if it is not cold and using lighter / softer fabrics. 

Tops This can be a hard one, especially finding the right tops in general. I personally spend a lot of time making sure that the top I am using is something easy for me to move around in, light color, and preferably not have something disney on it. So you are already going to be in the parks, standing out by wearing a amazing top will be a cool look, but be my guest if you want to full out disney deck it. I also always look to make sure it is sweat proof. The hot Florida weather can do many things to one. For this reason I rarely wear darker colors, I stick to light soft and sporty type tops 

 shoes Please, please please wear comfy shoes. I personally love wearing my adidas but to be very honest i know I am comfy in them since I wear insoles, if not that would not be the case. There are plenty of comfy shoes that still do the job. I have found that white shoes match with pretty much anything during summer and black shoes during winter and fall.