I'm Regina Daniella. I grew up visiting the Walt Disney World parks yearly, and slowly began growing a major obsession for the Disney parks and developing smart travel tips. In 2016, I decided to start Decorating the Disney Parks on Instagram, a fashion blog inspired by Disney, soon, I decided to change my name to Made in WDW because it best suits my purpose and mission. As it grew and  friends began to go to Walt Disney World, I would give them tips from what to take to where to go. Little by little I found numerous people telling me to start a travel blog, and because of a school project, Plan It Ear was born. Soon after, people wanted me to plan their trips, making way for Plan It Ear, Plan Your Trip. I managed all of these tasks while studying in the International Baccalaureate Program, I hope to expand my knowledge and keep on dreaming to achieve my goals. Now I am a college student still creating magic for myself and others. 

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